Address: Verbylų village, 4, Giedraičių pšt., 33272 Molėtų r. sav.

Phone number: 8-608-11188 ;


How to find us?

from Vilnius:

  • At Geležinio Vilko street, take the Molėtai highway (highway A14 Vilnius – Utena),
  • behind the restaurant HBH, located near Raudondvaras, turn left on the old Molėtai highway towards Paberžė (on the country road KK172 Raudondvaris – Giedraičiai – Molėtai),
  • through Paberžė you drive to Giedraičiai (national road KK172).

from Giedraičiai:

  • After leaving Moliedaičiai in the direction of Molėtai, turn left towards Želva (district road No. 2804 Giedraičiai – Bekupė – Želva)
  • At the bus stop, turn left behind the bus stop,
  • after leaving Bekupė, the road turns right and meanders through forest clearings,
  • When you reach the Spalio krantas arrow, turn right, and when you reach the gate, turn left.